Isaiah 41:1-6 CJB

1 "Keep silence before me, coastlands! Let the peoples replenish their strength! Let them approach; then let them speak. Let us assemble for judgment."
2 Who has raised from the east one who is just and called him to be in his service? He hands nations over to him and subjects kings to him; his sword reduces them to dust, his bow to driven straw.
3 He pursues them, passing on unscathed, hardly touching the path with his feet.
4 Whose work is this? Who has brought it about? He who called the generations from the beginning, "I, ADONAI, am the first; and I am the same with those who are last."
5 The coastlands have seen and became afraid. The ends of the earth have trembled. They have approached, and now they have come.
6 Every one helps his fellow workman, everyone says to his brother, "Be strong!"