Jeremiah 35:1-6 CJB

1 This word came to Yirmeyahu from ADONAI during the time of Y'hoyakim the son of Yoshiyahu, king of Y'hudah:
2 "Go to the Rekhavim, speak to them, bring them to one of the rooms in the house of ADONAI, and give them some wine to drink."
3 So I took Ya'azanyah the son of Yirmeyahu, the son of Havatzinyah, and his brothers, all his sons and all the Rekhavim,
4 and took them into the house of ADONAI, to the room of the sons of Hanan the son of Yigdalyahu, a man of God. It was by the room of the officials, which was above the room of Ma'aseiyah the son of Shalum, the gatekeeper.
5 There I set in front of the members of the clan of the Rekhavim pitchers full of wine and cups, and said to them, "Drink some wine."
6 But they said, "We will not drink any wine; because Yonadav the son of Rekhav, our ancestor, gave us this order: 'You are not to drink wine, neither you nor your descendants, forever.