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Job 32 (Complete Jewish Bible)

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1 So these three men stopped trying to answer Iyov, because he remained convinced of his own righteousness. 2 But then the anger of Elihu the son of Barakh'el the Buzi, from the family of Ram, blazed up against Iyov for thinking he was right and God wrong. 3 His anger also blazed up against his three friends, because they had found no answer to Iyov but condemned him anyway. 4 Elihu had waited to speak to Iyov because they were older than he; 5 however, when Elihu saw that these three had no answer, his anger flared up. 6 Elihu the son of Barakh'el the Buzi said: "I am young, and you are old, so I held back from telling you my opinion. 7 I said, 'Age should speak; an abundance of years should teach wisdom.' 8 But it is the spirit in a person, the breath from Shaddai, that gives him understanding - 9 it isn't [only] the great who are wise or the aged who know how to judge. 10 Therefore, I say, listen to me; I too will express my opinion. 11 "Here, I waited for your words, I listened to your reasoning, as you were searching for what to say. 12 I paid attention to you, but none of you convicted Iyov or refuted his arguments. 13 So don't say, 'We found the wise course -Let God defeat him, not a human being.' 14 For he did not direct his words against me, and I won't answer him with your arguments. 15 "They are confused, they don't reply, words have failed them. 16 But must I wait just because they don't speak, just because they stand there, stuck for an answer? 17 No, I will now give my answer; I too will express my opinion. 18 For I am full of words; the spirit within me compels me. 19 Yes, my insides feel like new wine under pressure, like new wineskins ready to burst. 20 I must speak, to find relief; I will open my lips and answer. 21 I will show no favor to anyone, and I will flatter no one; 22 I don't know how to flatter; if I did, my maker would soon put an end to me.
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