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2 Samuel 19:22

2 Samuel 19:22

And David said, what have I to do with you, ye sons of
Zeruiah? &c.] (See Gill on 2 Samuel 16:10);

that ye should this day be adversaries unto me?
or a Satan unto me, as the word is, by advising him to do what would be prejudicial to his interest; see ( Matthew 16:22 Matthew 16:23 ) ; as to use severity at such a time as this would have been; for had he immediately ordered Shimei to be put to death, though he deserved it, who was the first man that came to ask pardon, the Israelites in general, or all however concerned in the rebellion, would have concluded they must share the same fate, and so would not have submitted, but have raised a new rebellion against him; and some think Joab and Abishai had this in view, that they might keep their posts in the army:

shall there any man be put to death this day in Israel?
there shall not: the glory of this day shall not be sullied by the death of any; nor the joy of it be turned into sorrow in any family in Israel, as would, if any was put to death for what had passed during the rebellion:

for do not I know that I [am] this day king over Israel?
and can and will do as I please; as he had been driven from his throne and palace, and was now invited back again, and upon his return, it was as if he was made king anew, and afresh inaugurated into his office; and therefore no blood should be split on that day on which he was restored to his kingdom.

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