2 Peter 2:15

Forsaking (kataleiponte). Present active participle of kataleipw (continually leaving) or kataliponte (second aorist active), having left. The right way (euqeian odon). "The straight way" of 1 Samuel 12:23 (cf. Matthew 7:13 for this use of odo), "the way of truth" ( 2 Peter 2:2 ). They went astray (eplanhqhsan). First aorist passive indicative of planaw, like Mark 12:24 . The way of Balaam (th odwi tou Balaam). Associative instrumental case after exakolouqhsante, for which verb see Mark 1:16 ; Mark 2:2 . These false teachers, as shown in verse Mark 13 , followed the way of Balaam, "who loved the hire of wrong-doing" (o misqon adikia hgaphsen).