Zephaniah 3:1-5 CSB

Woe to Oppressive Jerusalem

1 Woe to the city that is rebelliousa and defiled, the oppressive city!

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    • a 3:1 - Or filthy
      2 She has not obeyed; she has not accepted discipline. She has not trusted in the Lord; she has not drawn near to her God.
      3 Theb princes within her are roaring lions; her judges are wolves of the night, which leave nothing forc the morning.

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        • b 3:3 - Lit Her
        • c 3:3 - Or that had nothing to gnaw in
          4 Her prophets are reckless- treacherous men. Her priests profane the sanctuary; they do violence to instruction.d

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            • d 3:4 - Ezk 22:26
              5 The righteous Lord is in her;e He does no wrong. He applies His justice morning by morning; He does not fail at dawn, yet the one who does wrong knows no shame.

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                • e 3:5 - Ps 129:4