1 Corinthians 1:5-15 DBY

5 that in everything ye have been enriched in him, in all word a [of doctrine], and all knowledge,

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    • c 1:5 - Logos, whatever is the expression of a thought formed in the mind, and otherwise unknown; hence used for the thing expressed, or the expression of it: hence 'word.' Here it is the communication of the mind of God in the gospel of Christ. (See ch. 2.1.) I retain 'word' in the expression 'all word, and all knowledge,' adding 'of doctrine' in brackets, because 'in all word' is scarcely English, and the 'word of doctrine' is, I believe, the sense here. 'Utterance' gives the sense imperfectly. It is the matter and form of thought and expression, as well as the utterance of it. It is a word so large in sense as to be very hard to express. Whatever expresses the mind is logos. Nous (ch. 2.16, 'mind') is the intelligent faculty: whatever expresses the thought formed in it is logos. There is thus the intelligent and the intelligible. Thus all that communicates the divine mind (the intelligible) is logos, and first of all Christ himself. But we are said, having the Holy Spirit, to have also the 'mind' of Christ, the intelligent faculty with its thoughts (ch. 2.16).
      6 (according as the testimony of the Christ has been confirmed in you,)
      7 so that ye come short in no gift, awaiting b the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ;

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        • d 1:7 - 'Awaiting' expresses actual expectation.
          8 who shall also confirm you to [the] end, unimpeachable in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
          9 God [is] faithful, by whom ye have been called into [the] fellowship c of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

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            • e 1:9 - Koinonia: as ch. 10.16: see Notes, Heb. 2.14.
              10 Now I exhort d you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all say the same thing, and that there be not among you divisions; but that ye be perfectly united e in the same mind and in the same opinion.

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                • f 1:10 - Or 'beseech,' as Acts 16.40.
                • g 1:10 - Where all the members have each its own place, or make a whole; or, if broken, are restored to one complete whole, as 'mending,' Matt. 4.21.
                  11 For it has been shewn to me concerning you, my brethren, by those of [the house of] Chloe, that there are strifes among you.
                  12 But I speak of this, that each of you says, *I* am of Paul, and *I* of Apollos, and *I* of Cephas, and *I* of Christ.
                  13 Is the Christ divided? has Paul been crucified for you? or have ye been baptised unto the name of Paul?
                  14 I thank God that I have baptised none of you, unless Crispus and Gaius,
                  15 that no one may say that I have baptised unto my own name.