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1 Thessalonians 2:1 DBY

1 For ye know yourselves, brethren, our entering in which [we had] to you, that it has not been in vain;

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  • a 2:10 - Or 'holily,' hosios: see 'gracious,' Acts 2.27.
  • b 2:12 - Or 'the God who calls you:' but neither gives exactly the Greek, because 'of God, who calls' makes God stand by himself as such; and 'the God who calls' makes the calling too distinctive, so that, but for other reasons, one might think there was another God. The Greek preserves the absoluteness of God, and adds the calling quality.
  • c 2:17 - Lit. 'orphaned of.' The one Greek word has been translated 'bereaved ... and separated' to express the emphatic reiteration of the Greek preposition apo.
  • d 2:19 - Or 'is it not even ye?'