2 Thessalonians 2:1 DBY

1 Now we beg you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him,

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  • a 2:2 - Or 'shaken from a steady and soberly judging mind.'
  • b 2:4 - 'Before,' or 'exceedingly.' The expression implies not only the idea of 'against,' but what is 'above.' As in Dan. 11.37 there is opposition, but in the way of arrogant self-exaltation.
  • c 2:4 - Epi: or 'above:' see Matt. 10.21; John 13.18.
  • d 2:4 - Naos -- the shrine.
  • e 2:8 - Or, according to some authorities, 'destroy.'
  • f 2:8 - Or 'spirit.'
  • g 2:10 - 'Every kind or form of.'
  • h 2:11 - Energeia: a working in the power of anything.
  • i 2:11 - The present tense is used here as stating the moral fact; it is not present as to time. It refers to the time when the lawless one is revealed, and is in contrast to the present time, which is referred to in v. 7.
  • j 2:13 - Hagiasmos. See Note i at Rom. 1.4.
  • k 2:14 - 'The obtaining of the glory' is without the article in Greek. With the article it would refer to the fact of obtaining the glory; without it, it is the character of the calling: 'to obtaining glory.' What that glory is is then stated: 'that of our Lord Jesus Christ.' 'We are called to obtention of glory, [that] of our Lord Jesus Christ.'