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Isaiah 42:24 DBY

24 Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and Israel to the robbers? Did not Jehovah, he against whom we have sinned? And they would not walk in his ways, neither did they hearken unto his law.

Study tools for Isaiah 42:24

  • a 42:2 - Or 'lift up his voice, nor cause it to be heard.'
  • b 42:3 - Or 'for the truth.'
  • c 42:4 - Or 'be crushed,' in allusion to 'bruised' of the preceding verse; just as 'faint' is from the same root as 'smoking' or 'dimly burning [flax].' There is an evident correspondence between the words.
  • d 42:4 - Or 'just judgment.'
  • e 42:11 - Sela, 'high rock:' see Ps. 18.2.
  • f 42:13 - Or 'zeal,' as ch. 9.7.
  • g 42:14 - Others, 'devastate and swallow up,' as Ps. 56.1.
  • h 42:19 - Or 'he who is perfect.'