James 3:13-18 DBY

13 Who [is] wise and understanding among you; let him shew out of a good conversation his works in meekness of wisdom;

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    • d 3:13 - Or 'conduct,' 'manner of life,' as 1Tim. 4.12.
      14 but if ye have bitter emulation and strife in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth.

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        • e 3:14 - 'Against truth' is connected with 'boast,' as with 'lie.'
          15 This is not the wisdom which comes down from above, but earthly, natural, devilish.
          16 For where emulation and strife [are], there [is] disorder and every evil thing.
          17 But the wisdom from above first is pure, then peaceful, gentle, yielding, full of mercy and good fruits, unquestioning, unfeigned.

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            • f 3:17 - Or 'uncontentious,' that is, in contrast with contentious pretension to wisdom: practical righteousness bears the fruit of peace for those who make peace.
              18 But [the] fruit of righteousness in peace is sown for them that make peace.