Romans 1:32 DBY

32 who knowing the righteous judgment a of God, that they who do b such things are worthy of death, not only practise c them, but have fellow delight d in those who do [them].

References for Romans 1:32

    • s 1:32 - Dikaioma: what the righteous will of God requires; hence even an ordinance of his will, or a righteous act meeting his requirement. See ch. 5.18; Luke 1.6; and Rev. 15.4, where it is judgment itself. In ch. 2.5, 'righteous judgment' is dikaiokrisia.
    • t 1:32 - Prasso: to do an act: see John 5.29.
    • u 1:32 - Poieo: practise a course of action: see John 5.29.
    • v 1:32 - It means that not only their own passions carry them away, but, being thoroughly corrupt, they enjoy other people's sinning, associating themselves in thought and spirit with them, as taking pleasure in their doing so.