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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Baal Baalah Baalath Baalath-beer Baalath-Beer Baalbec Baalbek Baal-berith Baal-Berith Baale Baale-Judah Baale of Judah Baal-gad Baal-Gad Baal-hamon Baal-Hamon Baal-hanan Baal-Hanan Baal-hazor Baal-Hazor Baal-hermon Baal-Hermon Baali Baalim Baalis Baal-meon Baal-Meon Baal-peor Baal-Peor Baal-perazim Baal-Perazim Baalsamus Baal-shalisha Baal-Shalishah Baal-tamar Baal-Tamar Baalzebub Baal-Zebub Baal-zebub Baal-zephon Baal-Zephon Baana Baanah Baani Baanias Baara Baaseiah Ba-aseiah Baasha Babbler Babbling Babe Babel Babel, Babylon Babel, tower of Babel, Tower Of Babi Babylon Babylonia Babylonia And Assyria, Religion Of Babylonian Captivity Babylonians Babylon In The New Testament Babylon In The Old Testament Babylonish garment Babylonish Garment Babylonish Mantle Babylon, kingdom of Baca Baca, Valley of Bacchides Bacchurus Bacchus Bacenor Bachrite Bachrites, The Back, Back Parts Backbite Backbiteth Backbitings Backside Backslide Backsliding Badger Badger skins Baean Bag Baggage Bago Bagoas Bagoi Baharumite; ?Barhumite Baharumite, The Bahurim Baiterus Bajith Bakbakkar Bakbuk Bakbukiah Bake Bakemeats Bake-meats Baking Baking Pan Balaam Balac Baladan Balah Balak Balamo Balamon Balance Balances Balancings Balasamus Bald Locust Baldness Ball Balm Balm Of Gilead Balnuus Balsam Baltasar Bamah Bamoth Bamoth-baal Bamoth; Bamoth-Baal Ban Banaias Band Bands Bands, Beauty And Bands Of Rudder Bani Banias Banid Banishment Bank Bank; Banking Bannaia Bannas Banneas Banner Bannus Banquet Banqueting Banquets Banuas Baptism Baptismal Regeneration Baptism, Christian Baptism for the Dead Baptism for the dead Baptism For The Dead Baptism, Infant Baptism, Johns Baptism (Lutheran Doctrine) Baptism (Non-Immersionist View) Baptism of Christ Baptism of Fire Baptism Of Fire Baptism of the Holy Spirit Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Baptism (The Baptist Interpretation) Baptist Baptize Baptize, Baptism Bar Barabbas Barachel Barachiah Barachias Barachias, Berechiah Barak Barbarian Barbarian; Barbarous Barber Barchus Barefoot Barhumite Barhumite, The Bariah Barjesus Bar-jesus Bar-Jesus Barjona Bar-jona Bar-Jonah Barkos Barley Barn Barnabas Barnabas, Epistle Of Barnabas, Gospel Of Barodis Barrel Barren Barren; Barrenness Barsabas Barsabas; Barsabbas Barsabbas Bartacus Bartholomew Bartholomew, Gospel Of Bartimaeus Bartimeus Baruch Baruch, Apocalypse Of Baruch, Book of Baruch, Book Of Barzillai Barzilla-i Basaloth Bascama Base Basemath; Bashemath; Basmath Bashan Bashan-havoth-jair Bashan-Havvoth-Jair Bashan, Hill of Bashemath Basilisk Basin Basin; Bason Basket Basmath Bason Bassa Bassai Bastai Bastard Basthai Bastinado Bat Batanaea Bath Bath, Bathing Bath; Bathing Bath Kol Bath-rabbim Bath-Rabbim, The Gate Of Baths Bathsheba Bath-sheba Bath-Sheba Bathshua Bath-shua Bathsuha Bath-Zacharias Battering-ram Battering-Ram Battle Battle-axe Battle-Axe Battle-bow Battle-Bow Battlement Bavai Bava-i Bavvai Bay Bayith Bay tree Bay Tree Bazlith Bazlith; Bazluth Bazluth Bdellium Beach Beacon Bealiah Bealoth Beam Bean Beans Bear Be-arbel Bear; Born Bear; Borne Beard Bear, The (Arcturus) Beast Beast-Fight Beaten gold Beaten Gold Beaten oil Beaten Oil Beating Beatitude Beatitudes Beautiful gate Beautiful Gate Beauty Beauty And Bands Bebai Beba-i Became Because Becher Bechorath Beck; Beckon Become Becorath Bectileth Bed Bedad Bedaiah Bedan Bed; Bedchamber; Bedstead Bedchamber Bed-chamber Bedeiah Bede-iah Bedstead Bee Beef Beeliada Beelsarus Beeltethmus Beelzebub Be-elzebub Be-elzebul Beer Beera Be-era Beerah Be-erah Beerelim Be-er-elim Beer-elim Beer-Elim Beeri Be-eri Be-er-lahai-roi Beer-lahai-roi Beer-Lahai-Roi Beeroth Be-eroth Beeroth Bene-Jaakan Beerothite; Berothite Be-eroth of the children of Jaakan Beeroth of the children of Jaakan Beersheba Be-er-sheba Beeshterah Be-esh-terah Beetle Beeves Before Beg Begat Beg; Beggar; Begging Beggar, Begging Beggarly Begin Beginning Begotten Beguile Behalf Behavior Behead Beheading Behemoth Beholding Behoove Behove Beirut Beka Bekah Bel Bela Bela; Belah Belah Belaites Bela-ites, The Bel And The Dragon Bel, And The Dragon Belch Belemus Belial Belie Belied Belief Belief, Believe Believers Bell Bellows Bells Belly Belmaim Belmen; Belmon Belomancy Beloved Belshazzar Belt Belteshazzar Belus, Temple Of Ben Ben-Abinadab Benaiah Ben-ammi Ben-Ammi Bench Ben-Deker Beneath Beneberak Ben-eberak Bene-Berak Benediction Benefactor Benefit Bene-jaakan Bene-Jaakan Bene-kedem Benevolence Ben-Geber Benhadad Ben-hadad Benhail Ben-hail Ben-Hail Benhanan Ben-hanan Ben-Hanan Ben-Hesed Ben-Hur Benimi Beninu Ben-Jaakan Benjamin Benjamin, Gate Of Benjamin, High gate Benjamin, The land of Benjamin, The tribe of Benjamite Beno Benon Benoni Ben-oni Ben-Oni Benzoheth Ben-zoheth Ben-Zoheth Beon Beor Bera Beraa Beracah Beracah, Valley Of Berachah Berachah, Valley of Berachiah Beraiah Berea Bereave; Bereaver; Bereft Berechiah Bered Berenice Beri Beriah Beriah; Beriites Beriites, The Berites Berith Bernice Berodach-baladan Berodach-Baladan Beroea Beroth Berothah Berothai Berothath Berothite Berothite, The Berries Beryl Berytus Berzelus Besai Besa-i Beseech Beset Beside Besiege Besodeiah Besom Besor Besor, The brook Besor, The Brook Besought Best Bestead Bestiality Bestow Betah Betane Beten Beth Bethabara Bethanath Beth-anath Beth-Anath Beth-anoth Beth-Anoth Bethany Betharabah Beth-arabah Beth-Arabah Betharam Beth-aram Beth-arbel Beth-Arbel Bethasmoth Beth-aven Beth-Aven Beth-azmaveth Beth-Azmaveth Beth-baalmaveth Beth-baalmeon Beth-baal-meon Beth-Baal-Meon Beth-barah Beth-Barah Bethbasi Beth-birei Beth-bire-i Beth-Biri Beth-car Beth-Car Beth-dagon Beth-Dagon Beth-diblathaim Beth-Diblathaim Beth-Eden Bethel Beth-el Bethelite Bethel, Mount Bethemek Beth-emek Beth-Emek Bether Bethesda Beth-ezal Bethezel Beth-Ezel Beth-gader Beth-Gader Beth-gamul Beth-Gamul Beth-gilgal Beth-Gilgal Beth-haccerem Beth-Haccherem Beth-Haggan Beth-Hanan; Elon-Beth-Hanan Beth-Haram Beth-haran Beth-Haran Beth-hogla Beth-Hoglah Beth-horon Beth-Horon Beth-Horon, The Battle Of Bethink Beth-jeshimoth Beth-Jeshimoth Beth-Leaphrah Beth-le-Aphrah Beth-lebaoth Beth-Lebaoth Bethlehem Beth-lehem Beth-Lehemite Bethlehem, Star Of Bethlomon Beth-Lomon Beth-Maacah Beth-maachah Beth-marcaboth Beth-Marcaboth Beth-meon Beth-Meon Beth-Merhak Beth-Millo Beth-nimrah Beth-Nimrah Beth-palet Beth-Palet Beth-pazzez Beth-Pazzez Beth-Pelet Beth-peor Beth-Peor Bethphage Beth-phage Beth-pha-ge Beth-phelet Beth-Phelet Bethrapha Beth-rapha Beth-Rapha Beth-rehob Beth-Rehob Bethsaida Bethsamos Bethshan Beth-shean Beth-Shean; Beth-Shan Beth-shemesh Beth-Shemesh Beth-Shemite Beth-shittah Beth-Shittah Bethsura; Bethsuron Beth-tappuah Beth-Tappuah Bethuel Bethul Bethulia Beth-Zacharias Bethzur Beth-zur Beth-Zur Betimes Betolion Betomesthaim; Betomasthaim Betonim Betray Betrayers Betroth Betrothed Betrothing Between The Testaments Betwixt Beulah Bewail Bewitch Bewitched Bewray Bewray; Bewrayer Beyond Bezaanannim Bezai Beza-i Bezaleel Bezale-el Bezalel Bezek Bezer Bezer in the wilderness Bezeth Bezetha Biatas Bible Bible, The, I-Iii Introduction Bible, The, Iv Canonicity Bible, The, V Inspiration Biblical Criticism Biblical Discrepancies Biblical Theology Bichri Bid Bidden Bide Bidkar Bier Bigtha Bigthan Bigthan; Bigthana Bigvai Bigva-i Bikath-Aven Bildad Bileam Bilgah Bilgah; Bilgai Bilga-i Bilhah Bilhan Bill Of Divorcement Billow Bilshan Bimhal Bind; Bound Binea Binnui Binnu-i Bird Bird-Catcher Birds Birds Of Abomination Birds Of Prey Birds, Unclean Birsha Birth Birthday Birth-day Birth, New Birth of Jesus Birthright Birth-Stool Birth, Virgin Birzaith Birzavith Bishlam Bishop Bishopric Bishoprick Bishops' Bible Bit Bit And Bridle Bithiah Bithron Bith-ron Bithynia Bitter Bitter; Bitterness Bitter herbs Bitter Herbs Bittern Bitterness Bitterness, Water Of Bitter Water Bitumen Biziothiah Bizjothjah Biztha Black Blackness Blade Blains Blameless Blasphemy Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit Blast Blast; Blasting Blastus Blaze Blemish Bless Blessed Blessedness Blessing Blessing, Cup Of Blessing, Valley Of Blind Blindfold Blinding Blindness Blindness, Judicial Blood Blood And Water Blood, Avenger Of Bloodguiltiness Blood, Issue Of Blood-Revenge Blood, Revenger of Bloodshedding Bloodthirsty Bloody Bloody Flux Bloody sweat Bloody Sweat Bloom; Blossom Blot Blow Blue Boanerges Boar Board Boast Boasting Boat Boaz Boccas Bocheru Bochim Body Body-Guard Body of Christ Body Of Death Body Of Heaven Body, Spiritual Bohan Bohan, Stone of Boil Boisterous Boldness Bolled Bolster Bolt Bond Bondage Bondmaid Bondman Bondservant Bone; Bones Bonnet Book Book, Book of Life Book Of Abraham Book Of Enoch Book Of Jubilees Book Of Life Book Of Noah Book Of Remembrance Books Of Adam Boot Booth Booths Booths, Feast Of Booty Booz Bor-Ashan Border; Borders Borderer Bore Borith Born Born Again Borne Borrow Borrowing Boscath Boskath Bosom Bosom, Abraham's Boson Bosor Bosora Boss Bosses Botany Botch Botrys Bottle Bottom Bottomless, Pit Bough Bought Bound Bounds Bountifulness; Bounty Bow Bow; Bowing Bowels Bowing Bow, In The Cloud Bowl Bowman Bowshot Box Boxing Boxtree Box-tree Box-Tree Boy Bozcath Bozes Bozez Bozkath Bozrah Bracelet Brag Braided; Braiding Bramble Bran Branch Branch ;Bough Brand Branding Brasen Brass Brass; Brazen Bravery Brawler Bray Brayed Brazen Brazen Sea Brazen serpent Brazen Serpent Breach Breaches Breach Of Covenant Breach Of Ritual Breach Of Trust Bread Bread, Bread of Presence Breadth Break Breaking of Bread Break Of Day Breast Breastplate Breastplate Of The High Priest Breath; Breathe; Breathing Breeches Breed Brethren Brethren of Jesus Brethren Of The Lord Bribe Bribery Brick Brick-Kiln Bricks Bride Bride, Bridegroom Bride-Chamber Bride-Chamber, Sons (Children) Of The Bridegroom Bridegroom; Bridegroom, Friend Of Bridge Bridle Brier Brigandine Brightness Brim Brimstone Bring Brink Broad Broad Place Broided Broidered Broken Brokenfooted Brokenhanded Brokenhearted Brooch Brood Brook Brook Of Egypt, The Broom Broth Brother Brotherhood Brother-In-Law Brotherly Brotherly Kindness; Brotherly Love Brother's Wife Brow Brown Bruise; Bruised Bruit Brute; Brutish Brutish Bubastis Bucket Buckle Buckler Bud Buffalo Buffet Bugean Build; Building Builder Building Build Up Bukki Bukkiah Bul Bull, Bullock Bull; Bullock Bullock Bulls, Jeroboam's Bull, Wild Bulrush Bulrushes, Ark Of Bulwark Bulwarks Bunah Bunch Bundle Bunni Burden Burglary Burial Burial, Sepulchres Burier Burn; Burning Burnt Offering Burnt offering Burnt Sacrifice Bush Bush, Burning Bushel Bushy Business Busybody Butler Butter Buttocks Buy Buying Buz Buz; Buzi; Buzite Buzi By By and by By And By Byblus Bypaths Byssus Byway By-ways Byword By-word The Babylonish Captivity The Bear The Bee Bible, Authority of the Bible, Canon of the Bible, Inspiration of the