12 "Is it nothing to you, all 1you who pass by? 2Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow, which was brought upon me, which 3the LORD inflicted on 4the day of his fierce anger.
13 "From on high he 5sent fire; into my bonesa he made it descend; 6he spread a net for my feet; he turned me back; 7he has left me stunned, faint all the day long.
14 "My transgressions were boundb into 8a yoke; by his hand they were fastened together; they were set upon my neck; he caused my strength to fail; the Lord gave me into the hands of those whom I cannot withstand.
15 "The Lord rejected all my mighty men in my midst; he summoned an assembly against me to crush my young men; 9the Lord has trodden as in a winepress the virgin daughter of Judah.