Ezra 10:12-22 NIV

12 The whole assembly responded with a loud voice:1 "You are right! We must do as you say.

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13 But there are many people here and it is the rainy season; so we cannot stand outside. Besides, this matter cannot be taken care of in a day or two, because we have sinned greatly in this thing.
14 Let our officials act for the whole assembly. Then let everyone in our towns who has married a foreign woman come at a set time, along with the elders and judges2 of each town, until the fierce anger3 of our God in this matter is turned away from us."

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15 Only Jonathan son of Asahel and Jahzeiah son of Tikvah, supported by Meshullam and Shabbethai4 the Levite, opposed this.

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16 So the exiles did as was proposed. Ezra the priest selected men who were family heads, one from each family division, and all of them designated by name. On the first day of the tenth month they sat down to investigate the cases,
17 and by the first day of the first month they finished dealing with all the men who had married foreign women.

Those Guilty of Intermarriage

18 Among the descendants of the priests, the following had married foreign women:5 From the descendants of Jeshua6 son of Jozadak, and his brothers: Maaseiah, Eliezer, Jarib and Gedaliah.

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19 (They all gave their hands7 in pledge to put away their wives, and for their guilt they each presented a ram from the flock as a guilt offering.)8

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20 From the descendants of Immer:9 Hanani and Zebadiah.

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21 From the descendants of Harim:10 Maaseiah, Elijah, Shemaiah, Jehiel and Uzziah.

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22 From the descendants of Pashhur:11 Elioenai, Maaseiah, Ishmael, Nethanel, Jozabad and Elasah.

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