16 "If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged, he must pay the bride price for her and marry her. 1
17 But if her father refuses to let him marry her, he must pay the father a sum of money equal to the bride price for a virgin.
18 "Put to death any woman who practices magic. 2
19 "Put to death any man who has sexual relations with an animal. 3
20 "Condemn to death anyone who offers sacrifices to any god except to me, the Lord. 4
21 "Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner; remember that you were foreigners in Egypt. 5
22 Do not mistreat any widow or orphan.
23 If you do, I, the Lord, will answer them when they cry out to me for help,
24 and I will become angry and kill you in war. Your wives will become widows, and your children will be fatherless.
25 "If you lend money to any of my people who are poor, do not act like a moneylender and require him to pay interest. 6
26 If you take someone's cloak as a pledge that he will pay you, you must give it back to him before the sun sets, 7
27 because it is the only covering he has to keep him warm. What else can he sleep in? When he cries out to me for help, I will answer him because I am merciful.
28 "Do not speak evil of God, and do not curse a leader of your people. 8
29 "Give me the offerings from your grain, your wine, and your olive oil when they are due. "Give me your first-born sons.
30 Give me the first-born of your cattle and your sheep. Let the first-born male stay with its mother for seven days, and on the eighth day offer it to me.
31 "You are my people, so you must not eat the meat of any animal that has been killed by wild animals; instead, give it to the dogs. 9