Jeremiah 51:15-19 GNTA

15 The Lord made the earth by his power; by his wisdom he created the world and stretched out the heavens.
16 At his command the waters above the sky a roar; he brings clouds from the ends of the earth. He makes lightning flash in the rain and sends the wind from his storeroom.

References for Jeremiah 51:16

    • £ 51:16 - waters above the sky: [See Gn 1.6-8.]
      17 At the sight of this, people feel stupid and senseless; those who make idols are disillusioned because the gods they make are false and lifeless.
      18 They are worthless and should be despised; they will be destroyed when the Lord comes to deal with them.
      19 The God of Jacob is not like them; he is the one who made everything, and he has chosen Israel to be his very own people. The Lord Almighty is his name.