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Judges 20:18 GNTA

18 The Israelites went to the place of worship at Bethel, and there they asked God, "Which tribe should attack the Benjaminites first?" The Lord answered, "The tribe of Judah."

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  • a 20:9 - [One ancient translation] to attack Gibeah; [Hebrew] to Gibeah.
  • b 20:10 - [One ancient translation] Gibeah; [Hebrew] Geba.
  • c 20:15 - [Some ancient translations] men; [Hebrew] men. In all this number there were seven hundred specially chosen men.
  • d 20:33 - [One ancient translation] the city [(that is, Gibeah+!); Hebrew] Geba.
  • e 20:42 - [Probable text] city; [Hebrew] cities.
  • f 20:43 - [Verse 43 in Hebrew is unclear.]