Isaiah 42:20-25 GW

20 You have seen much, but you do not observe anything. Your ears are open, but you hear nothing.
21 The LORD is pleased because he does what is right. He praises the greatness of his teachings and makes them glorious.
22 But these people are robbed and looted. They are all trapped in pits and hidden in prisons. They have become prey with no one to rescue them. They have become loot with no one to say, "Give it back."
23 Who among you will listen to this? Is there anyone who will pay attention and listen in the future?
24 Who gave Jacob away as loot and handed Israel over to robbers? Wasn't it the LORD, against whom we have sinned? They didn't want to live his way. They didn't obey his teachings.
25 So he poured out his burning anger and the horrors of war on them. It engulfed them in flames, but they did not understand. It burned them, but they did not take it to heart.