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Hosea 8:9-14 (New International Version)

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9 For they have gone up to Assyria1 like a wild donkey2 wandering alone. Ephraim has sold herself to lovers.3 10 Although they have sold themselves among the nations, I will now gather them together.4 They will begin to waste away5 under the oppression of the mighty king. 11 "Though Ephraim built many altars for sin offerings, these have become altars for sinning.6 12 I wrote for them the many things of my law, but they regarded them as something alien.7 13 They offer sacrifices given to me and they eat8 the meat, but the LORD is not pleased with them.9 Now he will remember10 their wickedness and punish their sins:11 They will return to Egypt.12 14 Israel has forgotten13 his Maker14 and built palaces; Judah has fortified many towns. But I will send fire upon their cities that will consume their fortresses."15
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