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Luke 18:15-17 - Interlinear Bible

15 And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them.
Prosevferon {V-IAI-3P} de; {CONJ} aujtw'/ {P-DSM} kai; {CONJ} ta; {T-APN} brevfh i&na {CONJ} aujtw'n {P-GPN} a&pthtai: ijdovnte? {V-2AAP-NPM} de; {CONJ} oiJ {T-NPM} maqhtai; {N-NPM} ejpetivmwn {V-IAI-3P} aujtoi'?. {P-DPM}
16 But Jesus called for them, saying, "Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
oJ {T-NSM} de; {CONJ} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} prosekalevsato aujta; {P-APN} levgwn, {V-PAP-NSM} ~afete {V-2AAM-2P} ta; {T-APN} paidiva {N-APN} e~rcesqai {V-PNN} prov? {PREP} me {P-1AS} kai; {CONJ} mh; {PRT} kwluvete {V-PAM-2P} aujtav, {P-APN} tw'n {T-GPM} ga;r {CONJ} toiouvtwn {D-GPN} ejsti;n {V-PXI-3S} hJ {PRT} basileiva {N-DSF} tou' {T-GSM} qeou'. {N-GSM}
17 "Truly I say to you, whoever * does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all."
ajmh;n {HEB} levgw {V-PAI-1S} uJmi'n, {P-2DP} oJ;? {R-NSM} a^n {PRT} mh; {PRT} devxhtai {V-PNS-3S} th;n {T-ASF} basileivan {N-ASF} tou' {T-GSM} qeou' {N-GSM} wJ? {ADV} paidivon, {N-NSN} ouj {R-GSM} mh; {PRT} eijsevlqh/ {V-2AAS-3S} eij? {PREP} aujthvn. {P-ASF}