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Philippians 1:12-26 - Interlinear Bible

12 But I would ye should understand , brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel;
Ginwvskein {V-PAN} de; {CONJ} uJma'? {P-2AP} bouvlomai, {V-PNI-1S} ajdelfoiv, {N-VPM} o&ti {CONJ} ta; {T-NPN} katj {PREP} ejme; {P-1AS} ma'llon {ADV} eij? {PREP} prokoph;n {N-ASF} tou' {T-GSN} eujaggelivou {N-GSN} ejlhvluqen, {V-2RAI-3S}
w&ste {CONJ} tou;? {T-APM} desmouv? {N-APM} mou {P-1GS} fanerou;? {A-APM} ejn {PREP} Xristw'/ {N-DSM} genevsqai {V-2ADN} ejn {PREP} o&lw/ {A-DSN} tw'/ {T-DSN} praitwrivw/ {N-DSN} kai; {CONJ} toi'? {T-DPM} loipoi'? {A-DPM} pavsin, {A-DPM}
14 And many of the brethren in the Lord, waxing confident by my bonds, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.
kai; {CONJ} tou;? {T-APM} pleivona? {A-APM} tw'n {T-GPM} ajdelfw'n {N-GPM} ejn {PREP} kurivw/ {N-DSM} pepoiqovta? {V-2RAP-APM} toi'? {T-DPM} desmoi'? {N-DPM} mou {P-1GS} perissotevrw? {ADV} tolma'n {V-PAN} ajfovbw? {ADV} to;n {T-ASM} lovgon {N-ASM} lalei'n. {V-PAN}
Tine;? {X-NPM} me;n {PRT} kai; {CONJ} dia; {PREP} fqovnon {N-ASM} kai; {CONJ} e~rin, {N-ASF} tine;? {X-NPM} de; {CONJ} kai; {CONJ} dij {PREP} eujdokivan {N-ASF} to;n {T-ASM} Xristo;n {N-ASM} khruvssousin: {V-PAI-3P}
oiJ {T-NPM} me;n {PRT} ejx ajgavph?, {N-GSF} eijdovte? {V-RAP-NPM} o&ti {CONJ} eij? {PREP} ajpologivan {N-ASF} tou' {T-GSN} eujaggelivou {N-GSN} kei'mai, {V-PNI-1S}
17 But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel.
oiJ {T-NPM} de; {CONJ} ejx ejriqeiva? {N-GSF} to;n {T-ASM} Xristo;n {N-ASM} kataggevllousin, {V-PAI-3P} oujc {PRT} aJgnw'?, {ADV} oijovmenoi {V-PNP-NPM} qli'yin {N-ASF} ejgeivrein {V-PAN} toi'? {T-DPM} desmoi'? {N-DPM} mou. {P-1GS}
tiv {I-NSN} gavr; {CONJ} plh;n {ADV} o&ti {CONJ} panti; {A-DSM} trovpw/, {N-DSM} ei~te {CONJ} profavsei {N-DSF} ei~te {CONJ} ajlhqeiva/, {N-DSF} Xristo;? {N-NSM} kataggevlletai, {V-PPI-3S} kai; {CONJ} ejn {PREP} touvtw/ {D-DSN} caivrw: {V-PAI-1S} ajlla; {CONJ} kai; {CONJ} carhvsomai, {V-2FOI-1S}
oi\da {V-RAI-1S} ga;r {CONJ} o&ti {CONJ} tou'tov {D-NSN} moi {P-1DS} ajpobhvsetai {V-FDI-3S} eij? {PREP} swthrivan {N-ASF} dia; {PREP} th'? {T-GSF} uJmw'n {P-2GP} dehvsew? {N-GSF} kai; {CONJ} ejpicorhgiva? {N-GSF} tou' {T-GSN} pneuvmato? {N-GSN} #Ihsou' {N-GSM} Xristou', {N-GSM}
kata; {PREP} th;n {T-ASF} ajpokaradokivan {N-ASF} kai; {CONJ} ejlpivda {N-ASF} mou {P-1GS} o&ti {CONJ} ejn {PREP} oujdeni; {A-DSN} aijscunqhvsomai, {V-FPI-1S} ajll# {CONJ} ejn {PREP} pavsh/ {A-DSF} parrhsiva/ {N-DSF} wJ? {ADV} pavntote {ADV} kai; {CONJ} nu'n {ADV} megalunqhvsetai {V-FPI-3S} Xristo;? {N-NSM} ejn {PREP} tw'/ {T-DSN} swvmativ {N-DSN} mou, {P-1GS} ei~te {CONJ} dia; {PREP} zwh'? {N-GSF} ei~te {CONJ} dia; {PREP} qanavtou. {N-GSM}
21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
ejmoi; {P-1DS} ga;r {CONJ} to; {T-NSN} zh'n {V-PAN} Xristo;? {N-NSM} kai; {CONJ} to; {T-NSN} ajpoqanei'n {V-2AAN} kevrdo?. {N-NSN}
22 But if I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labour * : yet what I shall choose I wot not.
eij {COND} de; {CONJ} to; {T-NSN} zh'n {V-PAN} ejn {PREP} sarkiv, {N-DSF} tou'tov {D-NSN} moi {P-1DS} karpo;? {N-NSM} e~rgou: {N-GSN} kai; {CONJ} tiv {I-ASN} aiJrhvsomai {V-FMI-1S} ouj {PRT} gnwrivzw. {V-PAI-1S}
23 For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart , and to be with Christ; which is far * #ste better:
sunevcomai {V-PPI-1S} de; {CONJ} ejk {PREP} tw'n {T-GPN} duvo, {N-NUI} th;n {T-ASF} ejpiqumivan {N-ASF} e~cwn {V-PAP-NSM} eij? {PREP} to; {T-ASN} ajnalu'sai {V-AAN} kai; {CONJ} su;n {PREP} Xristw'/ {N-DSM} ei\nai, {V-PXN} pollw'/ {A-DSN} ?ga;r? {CONJ} ma'llon {ADV} krei'sson: {A-NSN}
to; {T-NSN} de; {CONJ} ejpimevnein {V-PAN} ?ejn? {PREP} th'/ {T-DSF} sarki; {N-DSF} ajnagkaiovteron {A-NSN} dij {PREP} uJma'?. {P-2AP}
kai; {CONJ} tou'to {D-ASN} pepoiqw;? {V-2RAP-NSM} oi\da {V-RAI-1S} o&ti {CONJ} menw' {V-FAI-1S} kai; {CONJ} paramenw' {V-FAI-1S} pa'sin {A-DPM} uJmi'n {P-2DP} eij? {PREP} th;n {T-ASF} uJmw'n {P-2GP} prokoph;n {N-ASF} kai; {CONJ} cara;n {N-ASF} th'? {T-GSF} pivstew?, {N-GSF}
i&na {CONJ} to; {T-NSN} kauvchma {N-NSN} uJmw'n {P-2GP} perisseuvh/ {V-PAS-3S} ejn {PREP} Xristw'/ {N-DSM} #Ihsou' {N-DSM} ejn {PREP} ejmoi; {P-1DS} dia; {PREP} th'? {T-GSF} ejmh'? {S-1GSF} parousiva? {N-GSF} pavlin {ADV} pro;? {PREP} uJma'?. {P-2AP}