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Psalm 119:121-128 - Interlinear Bible



121 I have done justice and righteousness; Do not leave me to my oppressors.
y'q.v{[.l yinexyiN;T -l;B q,d,c'w j'P.vim yityif'[
122 Be surety for Your servant for good; Do not let the arrogant oppress me.
~yidez yinUq.v;[;y -l;a bw{j.l '$.D.b;[ b{r][
123 My eyes fail with longing for Your salvation And for Your righteous word.
'$,q.dic t;r.mia.l.W '$,t'[.Wvyil .Wl'K y;nye[
124 Deal with Your servant according to Your lovingkindness And teach me Your statutes.
yined.M;l '$y,QUx.w '$,D.s;x.k '$.D.b;[ -mi[ hef][
125 I am Your servant; give me understanding, That I may know Your testimonies.
'$y,t{de[ h'[.dea.w yinenyib]h yin'a -'k.D.b;[
126 It is time for the LORD to act, For they have broken Your law.
'$,t'rw{T .Wrepeh h'why;l tw{f][;l te[
z'Pim.W b'h'Zim '$y,t{w.cim yiT.b;h'a !eK -l;[
128 Therefore * I esteem right all Your precepts concerning everything, I hate every false way. Pe.
x;r{a -l'K yiT.r'VIy l{k yed.WQiP -l'K !eK -l;[ ? yitaen'f r,q,v