Interlinear Bible Job 11

1 Then answered Zophar the Naamathite, and said ,
r;ma{Y;w yit'm][;N;h r;p{c !;[;Y;w
2 Should not the multitude of words be answered ? and should a man full of talk be justified ?
~Iy;t'p.f vyia -mia.w h,n'[ey a{l ~yir'b.D b{r]h#st07230 ? q'D.cIy
3 Should thy lies make men hold their peace ? and when thou mockest , shall no man make thee ashamed ?
~il.k;m !yea.w g;[.liT;w wvyir]x;y ~yit.m '$y,D;B
4 For thou hast said , My doctrine is pure, and I am clean in thine eyes.
'$y,nye[.b yityIy'h r;b.W#st01249 yix.qil .$;z r,ma{T;w
5 But oh that God would speak , and open his lips against thee;
wy't'p.f#st05414 x;T.pIy.w reB;D ;Hw{l/a !eTIy -yim ~'l.Wa.w ? .$'Mi[
6 And that he would shew thee the secrets of wisdom, that they are double to that which is! Know therefore that God exacteth of thee less than thine iniquity deserveth.
~Iy;l.pik#st03718 -yiK h'm.k'x tw{mUl][;T ]'k.l -d,G;y.w ? '$,n{w][em ;hw{l/a '$.l h,V;y -yiK [;d.w h'Yiv.Wt.l<08454!>
7 Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?
y;D;v#st07706 tyil.k;T#st08503 -d;[ ~ia a'c.miT ;hw{l/a#st0433 r,qex;h#st02714 ? a'c.miT
8 It is as high as heaven; what canst thou do ? deeper than hell; what canst thou know ?
['deT -h;m lw{a.Vim#st07585 h'QUm][#st06013 l'[.piT -h;m ~Iy;m'v#st08064 yeh.b'G
9 The measure thereof is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea.
~'y#st03220 -yiNim h'b'x.r.W#st07342 H'Dim#st04055 #,r,aem h'KUr]a
10 If he cut off , and shut up , or gather together , then who can hinder him?
.WN,byiv.y yim.W lyih.q;y.w ryiG.s;y.w @{l]x;y -mia
11 For he knoweth vain men: he seeth wickedness also; will he not then consider it?
!,w'a -a.r;Y;w a.w'v#st07723 -yet.m [;d'y a.Wh -yiK ? !'nw{B.tIy a{l.w
12 For vain man would be wise , though man be born like a wild ass's colt.
del\WIy ~'d'a#st0120 a,r,P#st06501 rIy;[.w#st05895 beb'LIy b.Wb'n vyia.w
13 If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him;
'$,P;K wy'lea 'T.f;r'p.W '$,Bil 'tw{nyik]h ]h'T;a -mia
14 If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away , and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles.
!eK.v;T -l;a.w .Wheqyix.r;h '$.d'y.B#st03027 !,w'a -mia ? h'l.w;[ '$y,l'h{a.B
15 For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be stedfast , and shalt not fear :
q'cUm 'tyIy'h.w ~.WMim '$y,n'p a'FiT z'a -yiK ? a'ryit a{l.w
16 Because thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away :
r{K.zit .Wr.b'[ ~Iy;m.K#st04325 x'K.viT l'm'[ h'T;a -yiK
17 And thine age shall be clearer than the noonday; thou shalt shine forth , thou shalt be as the morning.
h,y.hiT r,q{B;K h'pU['T d,l'x#st02465 ~.Wq'y ~Iy;r\h'Cim.W
18 And thou shalt be secure , because there is hope; yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest in safety.
b'K.viT x;j,b'l 'T.r;p'x.w h'w.qiT#st08615 vey#st03426 -yiK 'T.x;j'b.W
19 Also thou shalt lie down , and none shall make thee afraid ; yea, many shall make suit unto thee.
~yiB;r '$y,n'p .WLix.w dyir]x;m !yea.w 'T.c;b'r.w
20 But the eyes of the wicked shall fail , and they shall not escape * , and their hope shall be as the giving up of the ghost.
~,h.nim d;b'a sw{n'm.W ]h'ny,l.kiT ~yi['v.r#st07563 yenye[.w ? v,p'n#st05315 -x;P;m#st04646 ~'t'w.qit.w