Interlinear Bible Lamentations 3:59-66

59 O LORD, thou hast seen my wrong: judge thou my cause.
yij'P.vim h'j.p'v yit't\W;[#st05792 h'wh.y h'tyia'r
60 Thou hast seen all their vengeance and all their imaginations against me.
yil ~'t{b.v.x;m#st04284 -l'K ~'t'm.qin -l'K h'tyia'r
61 Thou hast heard their reproach, O LORD, and all their imaginations against me;
y'l'[ ~'t{b.v.x;m#st04284 -l'K h'wh.y#st03068 ~'t'P.r,x#st02781 'T.[;m'v
62 The lips of those that rose up against me, and their device against me all the day.
~w{Y;h -l'K y;l'[ ~'nw{y.g,h.w y;m'q yet.pif
63 Behold their sitting down , and their rising up; I am their musick.
~'t'nyiG.n;m yin]a h'jyiB;h ~'t'myiq.w ~'T.biv
64 Render unto them a recompence, O LORD, according to the work of their hands.
~,hyed.y#st03027 hef][;m.K#st04639 h'wh.y#st03068 l.Wm.G ~,h'l byiv'T
65 Give them sorrow of heart, thy curse unto them.
~,h'l '$.t'l]a;T#st08381 bel#st03820 -t;Nig.m ~,h'l !eTiT
66 Persecute and destroy them in anger from under the heavens of the LORD.
h'wh.y#st03068 yem.v t;x;Tim ~edyim.v;t.w @;a.B @{D.riT