Job 33:9-19 NIV

9 'I am pure1 and without sin;2 I am clean and free from guilt.3

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10 Yet God has found fault with me; he considers me his enemy.4

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11 He fastens my feet in shackles;5 he keeps close watch on all my paths.'6

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12 "But I tell you, in this you are not right, for God is greater than man.7

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13 Why do you complain to him8 that he answers none of man's wordsa ?9

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    • a 33:13 - Or "that he does not answer for any of his actions"
      14 For God does speak10--now one way, now another11-- though man may not perceive it.12

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      15 In a dream,13 in a vision14 of the night,15 when deep sleep16 falls on men as they slumber in their beds,

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      16 he may speak17 in their ears and terrify them18 with warnings,19

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      17 to turn man from wrongdoing and keep him from pride,20

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      18 to preserve his soul from the pit,b21 his life from perishing by the sword.c22

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        • b 33:18 - Or "preserve him from the grave"
        • c 33:18 - Or "from crossing the River"
          19 Or a man may be chastened23 on a bed of pain24 with constant distress in his bones,25

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