Exodus 23:1-6 LEB

Regulations Regarding Justice

1 " 'You will not {spread}a a false report. Do not lift your hand with [the] wicked to be a malicious witness.

References for Exodus 23:1

    • ƺ 23:1 - Literally "lift"
      2 You will not {follow}b a majorityc for evil, and you will not testify concerning a legal dispute to turn aside after a majorityd to pervert [justice].

      References for Exodus 23:2

        • ƻ 23:2 - Literally "be behind"
        • Ƽ 23:2 - Or "many" or "the many"
        • ƽ 23:2 - Or "many" or "the many"
          3 You will not be partial to a powerless [person]e in his legal dispute.

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            • ƾ 23:3 - Or "a poor [person]"
              4 " 'If you come upon the ox of your enemy or his donkey going astray, you will certainly bring it back to him
              5 If you see the donkey of your enemy lying down under its burden, you will refrain from abandoning him. You will surely arrangef [it] with him.

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                • ƿ 23:5 - Or "restore" or "put in order"
                  6 " 'You will not pervert the justice of your poor in his legal dispute.