Isaiah 44:9-20 LEB

Idolatry Is Ridiculous

9 All those who form an idol [are] nothing, and their delightful things do not profit. And their witnesses do not see or know, so they will be ashamed.

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      10 Who would form a god and cast an image of [which] he cannot profit?
      11 Look! all his companions shall be ashamed, and [the] artisans [are] human! Let all of them assemble; let them stand up. They shall tremble;a they shall be ashamed together.

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        • ˪ 44:11 - Or "be startled"
          12 [The] {ironsmith}b works in the coals [with his] tool and forms it with hammers. And he makes it with {his strong arm};c indeed, he becomes hungry, and {he lacks}d strength; he does not drink water, and he is faint.

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            • ˫ 44:12 - Literally "craftsman of iron"
            • ˬ 44:12 - Literally "the arm of his strength"
            • ˭ 44:12 - Literally "there is no"
              13 [The] {woodworker}e stretches out a line; he makes an outline [of] it with [a] marker. He makes it with [a] knife and makes an outline [of] it with [a] compass. He makes it like [the] image of a man, like [the] beauty of a human, to dwell [in] a temple.f

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                • ˮ 44:13 - Literally "craftsman of wood"
                • ˯ 44:13 - Or "house"
                  14 Cutting down cedars for himself, he {chooses}g a holm tree and an oak, and he lets it grow strong for him among [the] trees of [the] forest. He plants a cedar, and [the] rain makes [it] grow.

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                    • ˰ 44:14 - Literally "takes"
                      15 And it {becomes fuel for a human},h and he takes some of it and grows warm; also, he kindles a fire and bakes bread. Also, he makes a god and bows in worship; he makes himself an image and bows down to it!

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                        • ˱ 44:15 - Literally "will become for a man as burning"
                          16 He burns half of it in [the] fire; he eats meat over half of it; he roasts a roast and is satisfied. Also he grows warm and says, "Ah! I am warm! I see [the] fire!"
                          17 And he makes the remainder of it into a god! He bows down to his idol, and he bows in worship and prays to him, and he says, "Save me, for you [are] my god!"
                          18 They do not know, and they do not understand, for their eyes [are] besmeared {so that they cannot see},i their {minds}j {so that they have no insight}.k

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                            • ˲ 44:18 - Literally "from seeing"
                            • ˳ 44:18 - Literally "hearts"
                            • ˴ 44:18 - Literally "from having insight"
                              19 And {no one takes it to heart},l and [there is] no knowledge and no understanding to say, "I burned half of it in [the] fire and also I baked bread on its coals; I roasted meat, and I have eaten. And I shall make [the] rest of it into an abomination! I shall bow down to a block of wood!"

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                                • ˵ 44:19 - Literally "he does not bring back to his heart"
                                  20 [He] feeds [on] ashes; a {deceived mind}m misleads him. And he cannot save {himself},n and he cannot say, "Is [this] not an illusion in my right hand?"

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                                    • ˶ 44:20 - Literally "heart deceived"
                                    • ˷ 44:20 - Literally "his soul"