Proverbs 2:1-6 LEB

The Benefits of Wisdom

1 My child, if you will receivea my sayings, and hide my commands with you,

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    • s 2:1 - Or "take, seize"
      2 [in order] to incline your ear toward wisdom, [then] you shall apply your heart to understanding.
      3 For if you cry out for understanding,b [if] you liftc your voice for insight,

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        • t 2:3 - Or "call to understanding"
        • u 2:3 - Or "carry, give"
          4 if you seek her like silver and search her out {like treasure},d

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            • v 2:4 - Literally "like the treasures"
              5 then you will understand the fear of Yahweh, and the knowledge of God you will find.
              6 For Yahweh will give wisdom; from his mouth [come] knowledge and understanding.