For the [music] director. Of David.

Confidence in Yahweh’s Righteousness

1 In Yahweh I have taken refuge; how can you say to my soul, "Flee to your mountain [like] a bird"?

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    • a 11:1 - The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm
      2 For look: The wicked {string the bow}. They have fitted their arrow to [the] string, to shoot from [the] darkness at the upright of heart.

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        • b 11:2 - Literally "tread the bow," that is, placing the foot on the bow to bend and string it
          3 When the foundations are destroyed what can [the] righteous do?

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            • c 11:3 - Or "what has the righteous done"
              4 Yahweh [is] in his holy temple; Yahweh [is] in the heavens [on] his throne. His eyelids see; they test [the] children of humankind.
              5 Yahweh tests [the] righteous, but [the] wicked and [the] lover of violence his soul hates.
              6 He will rain coals on [the] wicked. Burning sulfur and scorching wind [will be] the portion of their cup.

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                • d 11:6 - According to Symmachus (compare also Targum Psalms) a form slightly different from the MT's "snares"
                  7 For Yahweh [is] righteous; he loves righteous deeds. [The] upright shall see his face.