Psalm 8 LEB

For the [music] director, on the Gittith. A psalm of David.

Yahweh’s Glory in Creation

1 abYahweh, our Lord, how majestic [is] your name in all the earth, who put your splendor above the heavens.

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    • › 8:1 - Meaning uncertain
    • œ 8:1 - The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm; the English verse number is reduced by one
      2 From the mouth of children and infants you have foundedc strength on account of your enemies, to silence [the] enemy and [the] avenger.

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        •  8:2 - Or "ordained"
          3 When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, [the] moon and [the] stars which you set in place--
          4 what [is] a human being that you think of him? and a child of humankind that you care for him?
          5 And you made him a little lower than heavenly beings,d and [with] glory and [with] majesty you crowned him.

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            • ž 8:5 - Or "than God"
              6 You make him over the works of your hands; all [things] you have placed under his feet:
              7 sheep and cattle, all of them, and also [the] wild animals of [the] field,
              8 [the] birds of [the] sky and the fish of the sea, [everything] that passes along the paths of seas.
              9 Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic [is] your name in all of the earth!