Leviticus 25:35-43 NIV

35 " 'If one of your countrymen becomes poor1 and is unable to support himself among you, help him2 as you would an alien or a temporary resident, so he can continue to live among you.

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36 Do not take interest3 of any kinda from him, but fear your God,4 so that your countryman may continue to live among you.

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    • a 25:36 - Or "take excessive interest "; similarly in verse 37
      37 You must not lend him money at interest5 or sell him food at a profit.

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      38 I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt to give you the land of Canaan6 and to be your God.7

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      39 " 'If one of your countrymen becomes poor among you and sells himself to you, do not make him work as a slave.8

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      40 He is to be treated as a hired worker9 or a temporary resident among you; he is to work for you until the Year of Jubilee.

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          41 Then he and his children are to be released, and he will go back to his own clan and to the property10 of his forefathers.11

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          42 Because the Israelites are my servants, whom I brought out of Egypt,12 they must not be sold as slaves.

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              43 Do not rule over them ruthlessly,13 but fear your God.14

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