Romans 1:1-6 NAS

The Gospel Exalted

1 Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, a1called as an apostle, 2set apart for 3the gospel of God,

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2 which He 4promised beforehand through His 5prophets in the holy Scriptures,

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3 concerning His Son, who was born 6of a bdescendant of David 7according to the flesh,

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4 who was declared 8the Son of God with power cby the resurrection from the dead, according to the dSpirit of holiness, Jesus Christ our Lord,

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    • c 1:4 - Or "as a result of"
    • d 1:4 - Or "spirit"
      5 through whom we have received grace and 9apostleship eto bring about the 10obedience of faith among 11all the Gentiles for His name's sake,

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        • e 1:5 - Lit "for obedience"
          6 among whom you also are the 12called of Jesus Christ;

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