Isaiah 42:20-25 NCV

20 Israel, you have seen much, but you have not obeyed. You hear, but you refuse to listen."
21 The Lord made his teachings wonderful, because he is good.
22 These people have been defeated and robbed. They are trapped in pits or locked up in prison. Like robbers, enemies have taken them away, and there is no one to save them. Enemies carried them off, and no one said, "Bring them back."
23 Will any of you listen to this? Will you listen carefully in the future?
24 Who let the people of Jacob be carried off? The Lord allowed this to happen, because we sinned against him. We did not live the way he wanted us to live and did not obey his teaching.
25 So he became very angry with us and brought terrible wars against us. It was as if the people of Israel had fire all around them, but they didn't know what was happening. It was as if they were burning, but they didn't pay any attention.