Ezra 6:1-5 NLT

1 So King Darius issued orders that a search be made in the Babylonian archives, where treasures were stored.
2 But it was at the fortress at Ecbatana in the province of Media that a scroll was found. This is what it said:
3 "Memorandum:" "In the first year of King Cyrus's reign, a decree was sent out concerning the Temple of God at Jerusalem. It must be rebuilt on the site where Jews used to offer their sacrifices, retaining the original foundations. Its height will be ninety feet, and its width will be ninety feet. a

References for Ezra 6:3

    • x 6:3 - Aramaic <I>Its height will be 60 cubits</I> [27 meters], <I>and its width will be 60 cubits.</I> It is commonly held that this verse should be emended to read: "Its height will be 45 feet, its length will be 90 feet, and its width will be 30 feet"; compare 1 Kgs 6:2. The emendation regarding the width is supported by the Syriac version.
      4 Every three layers of specially prepared stones will be topped by a layer of timber. All expenses will be paid by the royal treasury.
      5 And the gold and silver utensils, which were taken to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar from the Temple of God in Jerusalem, will be taken back to Jerusalem and put into God's Temple as they were before."