Joel 3:1-6 NLT

1 "At that time, when I restore the prosperity of Judah and Jerusalem," says the LORD,
2 "I will gather the armies of the world into the valley of Jehoshaphat. a There I will judge them for harming my people, for scattering my inheritance among the nations, and for dividing up my land.

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    • f 3:2 - <I>Jehoshaphat</I> means "the L<MS>ORD</I> judges."
      3 They cast lots to decide which of my people would be their slaves. They traded young boys for prostitutes and little girls for enough wine to get drunk."
      4 "What do you have against me, Tyre and Sidon and you cities of Philistia? Are you trying to take revenge on me? If you are, then watch out! I will strike swiftly and pay you back for everything you have done.
      5 You have taken my silver and gold and all my precious treasures, and you have carried them off to your pagan temples.
      6 You have sold the people of Judah and Jerusalem to the Greeks, b who took them far from their homeland.

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        • g 3:6 - Hebrew <I>to the peoples of Javan.</I>