35 “ ‘On the eighth day hold a closing special assembly and do no regular work.
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36 Present as an aroma pleasing to the LORD a food offering consisting of a burnt offering of one bull, one ram and seven male lambs a year old, all without defect.
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37 With the bull, the ram and the lambs, offer their grain offerings and drink offerings according to the number specified.
38 Include one male goat as a sin offering, in addition to the regular burnt offering with its grain offering and drink offering.
39 “ ‘In addition to what you vow and your freewill offerings, offer these to the LORD at your appointed festivals: your burnt offerings, grain offerings, drink offerings and fellowship offerings.’ ”
40 Moses told the Israelites all that the LORD commanded him.a
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    • © 29:40 - In Hebrew texts this verse (29:40) is numbered 30:1.