Romans 15:2-12 NIV

2 Each of us should please his neighbor for his good,1 to build him up.2

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3 For even Christ did not please himself3 but, as it is written: "The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me."a4

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4 For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us,5 so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

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5 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity6 among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus,

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6 so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify7 the God and Father8 of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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7 Accept one another,9 then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

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8 For I tell you that Christ has become a servant of the Jewsb10 on behalf of God's truth, to confirm the promises11 made to the patriarchs

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    • b 15:8 - Greek "circumcision"
      9 so that the Gentiles12 may glorify God13 for his mercy, as it is written: "Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles; I will sing hymns to your name."c14

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        • c 15:9 - 2 Samuel 22:50; Psalm 18:49
          10 Again, it says, "Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people."d15

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          11 And again, "Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles, and sing praises to him, all you peoples."e16

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          12 And again, Isaiah says, "The Root of Jesse17 will spring up, one who will arise to rule over the nations; the Gentiles will hope in him."f18

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