Job 16:14-22 RSV

14 He breaks me with breach upon breach; he runs upon me like a warrior.
15 I have sewed sackcloth upon my skin, and have laid my strength in the dust.
16 My face is red with weeping, and on my eyelids is deep darkness;
17 although there is no violence in my hands, and my prayer is pure.
18 "O earth, cover not my blood, and let my cry find no resting place.
19 Even now, behold, my witness is in heaven, and he that vouches for me is on high.
20 My friends scorn me; my eye pours out tears to God,
21 that he would maintain the right of a man with God, like that of a man with his neighbor.
22 For when a few years have come I shall go the way whence I shall not return.