Deuteronomy 6:11-21 TYN

11 and housses full of all maner goodes which thou filledest not, and welles dygged which thou dyggedest not, ad vynes and olyue trees which thou plantedest not, ad whe thou hast eaten, and art full:
12 Then beware lest thou forget the Lorde which broughte the out off the lande of Egipte the housse of bondage.
13 But feare the Lorde thy God and serue hym, and swere by his name,
14 and se that ye walke not after straunge goddes of the Goddes off the nacyons whiche are aboute you.
15 For the Lorde thy God is a gelouse God among you lest the wrath of the Lorde thy God waxe hotte vppon the and destroye the from the erth.
16 Ye shall not tempte the Lorde youre God as ye dyd at Masa.
17 But se that ye kepe the commaundmentes of the Lorde youre God, his witnesses and his ordinaunces which he hath commaunded the,
18 and se thou doo that which is right and good in the syghte of the Lorde: that thou mayst prospere and that thou mayst goo ad coquere that good lade which the Lorde sware vnto thy fathers,
19 and that the Lorde maye cast out all thine enemies before the as he hath sayed.
20 When thy sonne axeth the in tyme to come sayenge: What meaneth the witnesses, ordinaunces and lawes which the Lorde oure God hath commaunded you?
21 Then thou shalt saye vnto thy sonne: We were bondmen vnto Pharao in Egipte, but the Lorde brought vs out of Egipte with a mightie hande.