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Exodus 17:1-6 (Tyndale)

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1 And all the companye of the childern of Israel went on their iourneys from the wildernesse of Sin at the commaundment of the Lorde, and pitched in Raphidim: where was no water for the people to drynke. 2 And the people chode with Moses and sayde: geue us water to drynke. And Moses sayde vnto them: why chyde ye with me, and wherfore do ye tempte the Lorde? 3 There the people thyrsted for water, and murmured agenst Moses ad sayde: wherfore hast thou broughte us out of Egipte, to kyll us and oure childern and oure catell with thyrste? 4 And Moses cried vnto the Lorde saynge what shal I do vnto this people? they be al most redye to stone me. 5 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: goo before the people, and take with the of the elders of Israel: ad thi rod wherwith thou smotest the riuer, take in thine hande and goo. 6 Beholde, I will stonde there before the vppon a rocke in Horeb: and thou shalt smyte the rocke, ad there shall come water out there of, that the people maye drynke. And Moses dyd euen so before the elders of Israel
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