Exodus 8:1-6 TYN

1 The Lorde spake vnto Moses: Goo vnto Pharao and tell him, thus sayeth the Lorde: let my people goo, that they maye serue me.
2 Yf thou wilt not let them goo: beholde I will smyte all thy londe with frogges.
3 And the ryuer shall scrale with frogges, ad they shall come vp and goo in to thine housse and in to thy chaumbre where thou slepest ad vppo thy bedd, and in to the housses of thy servauntes, and vppon thy people, and in to thyne ovens, and vppon thy vitels which thou hast in store
4 And the frogges shall come vpon the and on thy people and apon all thy servauntes.
5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saye vnto Aaron: stretche forth thine hande with thy rodd ouer the stremes, riuers, ad pondes. And bringe vp frogges apon the londe of Egipte
6 And Aaron stretched his hande ouer the water of Egipte, and the frogges came vp ad couered the londe of Egipte.