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Genesis 40:1-6 (Tyndale)

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1 And it chaunced after this that the chefe butlar of the kynge of Egipte and his chefe baker had offended there lorde the kynge of Egypte. 2 And Pharao was angrie with them and put the in warde in his chefe marshals house: 3 euen in ye preson where Ioseph was bownd. 4 And the chefe marshall gaue Ioseph a charge with them and he serued them. And they contynued a season in warde. 5 And they dreamed ether of them in one nyghte: both the butlar and the baker of the kynge of Egipte which were bownde in the preson house ether of them his dreame and eche manes dreame of a sondrie interpretation 6 When Ioseph came in vnto them in the mornynge and loked apon them: beholde they were sadd.
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