Genesis 37:1-6 TYN

1 And Iacob dwelt in the lande wherein his father was a straunger yt is to saye in the lande of Canaan.
2 And these are the generations of Iacob: when Ioseph was .xvij. yere olde he kepte shepe with his brethren and the lad was with the sonnes of Bilha and of Zilpha his fathers wyues. And he brought vnto their father an euyll saynge yt was of them.
3 And Israel loued Ioseph more than all his childern because he begat hym in his olde age and he made him a coote of many coloures.
4 When his brothren sawe that their father loued him more than all his brethern they hated him and coude not speke one kynde worde vnto him.
5 Moreouer Ioseph dreamed a dreawe and tolde it his brethren: wherfore they hated him yet the more.
6 And he sayde vnto them heare I praye yow this dreame which I haue dreamed: