Deuteronomy 31:1-6 WYC

1 And so Moses went, and spake all these words to all Israel,
2 and said to them, I am today of an hundred and twenty years, I may no further go out and go in, most(ly) since also the Lord said to me, Thou shalt not pass this Jordan. (and said to them, Today I am a hundred and twenty years old, and I can no longer go out and come in, and the Lord hath said to me, Thou shalt not cross over this Jordan River.)
3 Therefore thy Lord God shall pass before thee (And so the Lord thy God shall cross over before thee); he shall do away these folks in thy sight, and thou shalt wield them; and this Joshua shall go before thee, (in the lead,) as the Lord spake.
4 And the Lord shall do to them as he did to Sihon, and to Og, the kings of (the) Amorites, and to their land; and he shall do them away.
5 Therefore when the Lord hath betaken to you also them (And so when the Lord hath also delivered them to you), ye shall do in like manner to them, as I have commanded to you.
6 Do ye manly, and be ye comforted (Be ye strong, and be ye encouraged); do not ye dread in heart, neither dread ye at the sight of them, for thy Lord God himself is thy leader, and he shall not leave thee, neither forsake thee.