23 Also thou shalt make a board of the wood of shittim, having two cubits of length, and one cubit of broadness, and one cubit and an half in height. (And thou shalt make a table out of shittim wood, two cubits in length, one cubit in breadth, and one and a half cubits in height.)
24 And thou shalt overgild the board with most pure gold, and thou shalt make to it a golden brink about; (And thou shalt gild the table with pure gold, and thou shalt put a gold band all around it;)
25 and thou shalt make to that brink a crown raised betwixt four fingers high, and thou shalt make on that another little golden crown. (and thou shalt make a gold rim four fingers high around that band, and thou shalt put another gold band around the rim.)
26 And thou shalt make ready four golden rings, and thou shalt put them in [the] four corners of the same board, by all the feet thereof. (And thou shalt make four gold rings, and thou shalt fasten them to the four corners of the table, by its legs.)
27 Under the crown shall be (the) golden rings, that the bars be put through them, and so the table may be borne. (And the gold rings shall be fastened near the rim, for the bars to be put through, so that the table can be carried.)
28 Thou shalt make the bars of the wood of shittim, and thou shalt compass them with gold to bear the board. (Thou shalt make the bars out of shittim wood, and cover them with gold, and thou shalt use them to carry the table.)
29 And thou shalt make ready vessels of vinegar, and vials, and censers, and cups of purest gold, in which flowing sacrifices shall be offered. (And thou shalt make out of pure gold the vessels for the vinegar, and the censers, and the cups, and the basins, in which the wine offerings shall be made.)
30 And thou shalt set on the board (the) loaves of proposition, or (the loaves) of setting forth, (to be) in my sight ever[more]. (And thou shalt put the showbread on the table, to be there before me forevermore.)