1 Samuel 3:16

16 but Eli called him and said, “Samuel, my son.” Samuel answered, “Here I am.”

1 Samuel 3:16 in Other Translations

16 Then Eli called Samuel, and said, Samuel, my son. And he answered, Here am I.
16 But Eli called Samuel and said, "Samuel, my son." And he said, "Here I am."
16 But Eli called out to him, “Samuel, my son.” “Here I am,” Samuel replied.
16 But then Eli summoned Samuel: "Samuel, my son!" Samuel came running: "Yes? What can I do for you?"
16 but Eli called him and said, "Samuel, my son." "Here I am," answered Samuel.

1 Samuel 3:16 Meaning and Commentary

1 Samuel 3:16

Then Eli called Samuel
Perceiving he was risen by the opening of the doors of the tabernacle, which he might hear; and observing he did not come to him as usual, to know whether he wanted anything, and being impatient to hear what was said to him of the Lord:

and he said, Samuel, my son;
called him by his name, and in a very tender and affectionate manner, the more to engage him to hasten to him, and thereby also putting him in mind of his filial duty to obey him:

and he answered, here am I;
ready to attend and perform any service enjoined him.

1 Samuel 3:16 In-Context

14 Therefore I swore to the house of Eli, ‘The guilt of Eli’s house will never be atoned for by sacrifice or offering.’ ”
15 Samuel lay down until morning and then opened the doors of the house of the LORD. He was afraid to tell Eli the vision,
16 but Eli called him and said, “Samuel, my son.” Samuel answered, “Here I am.”
17 “What was it he said to you?” Eli asked. “Do not hide it from me. May God deal with you, be it ever so severely, if you hide from me anything he told you.”
18 So Samuel told him everything, hiding nothing from him. Then Eli said, “He is the LORD; let him do what is good in his eyes.”
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