Acts 10:20

20 So get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them.”

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Arise therefore, and get thee down, and go with them, doubting nothing: for I have sent them.
Rise and go down and accompany them without hesitation, for I have sent them."
Get up, go downstairs, and go with them without hesitation. Don’t worry, for I have sent them.”

What does Acts 10:20 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Acts 10:20

Arise, therefore, and get thee down
From the top of the house where he was:

and go with them;
the three men, to Caesarea

doubting nothing;
whether it is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful, to go with them, because not Jews, but uncircumcised Gentiles, laying aside all such Jewish scruples:

for I have sent them:
the Spirit of God is said to do what Cornelius did at his instigation and direction, signified by an angel he sent to him, ( Acts 10:5 Acts 10:8 ) .

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