2 Practical Ways to Walk in God’s Will in the New Year

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2 Practical Ways to Walk in God’s Will in the New Year

When you think about God’s will, what comes to mind? For some, we think of this grand plan that is laid out over the entire course of our lives. You may even consider the dreams and desires that God has placed in your heart that you want to accomplish. While that encompasses one aspect of God’s will, getting there is often a lot more practical than you realize.

2. Give thanks in every situation

3. Pray for our leaders and those in authority

4. Love God with all your heart

5. Love your neighbor as yourself

6. Forgive those who have wronged you

7. Encourage another brother or sister in Christ

8. Stop grumbling and complaining

9. Be a better listener

10. Give to someone in need when you have the means to do it

I only gave you ten, but there are many things God has told us about how to live, how to speak, and how to interact with each other. These are all part of his will for your life. If you just focus on doing what God has already said, you will go a long way towards walking in his will in this new year.

These may not be the glamorous things we attach to God’s plan, but these are God’s will nonetheless. When you pay attention to these things and obey them, then God will know he can trust you with bigger things.

As we look at a new year, let this be the year you do God’s will. Whether it is a specific task or just walking in obedience to what he has already said. Doing both will help you become the person God wants you to be and accomplish what he wants you to. 

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