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7 Truths to Remember as You Deal with Spiritual Warfare

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7 Truths to Remember as You Deal with Spiritual Warfare

Recently, I have had people reach out to me with questions related to spiritual warfare and it caused me to think about some things people often miss or forget regarding spiritual warfare. For that reason, I want to offer you seven truths to remember as you deal with spiritual warfare.

Not only do you have superior weapons, you also have superior power. I know we often give Satan a lot of credit and we must respect the strength of our opponent. However, you must also acknowledge that because the Holy Spirit lives in you, you are more powerful than he is. Now, don’t think this power is of your own accord because it’s not. But because you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you have more power than he does.

Since you have greater power and greater weapons, all that is left is for you to learn how to walk in them. As great as it is to have power, it doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t have the authority to exercise it. In Christ, in spiritual warfare, you have the authority to wield all the power and weapons you have been given. The challenge for you and me is to make sure we learn how to walk in this authority. 

Sometimes in life, civilians are deputized. This means they are appointed and given authority as civilians to make an arrest. If you look at the original meaning of this word, it was applied when a deputy would give some of their power to someone who was not a police officer. By doing this, they could help the deputy. By deputizing them, they were empowering them to do a specific job. 

Christ has deputized you. Jesus has shared his power and authority with you and has empowered you to win in spiritual warfare. It is disheartening for me to see people who are powerhouses walking in defeat because they don’t understand the authority they have in Christ. I challenge you today to discover and walk in the authority you have in Christ. He has given you everything you need to do the job and be victorious. As I said earlier, in spiritual warfare, whether you win or lose has nothing to do with your enemy. It has everything to do with you. Now you know why.

Take what you have been given and don’t just engage your enemy, defeat him. Because in Christ that is what you have been authorized to do.

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